Top 6 Reasons Why Martial Arts Should Be For Everyone

If you are interested in starting a fitness routine that never feels like a chore, you should seriously consider picking up martial arts.

Here are several reasons why you should consider signing up for martial arts classes and why martial arts is the perfect solution to your fitness woes.

  1. Ultimate cardio workout

If you are looking to lose weight, get leaner and fitter, martial arts training gets you there faster than conventional workouts. Training involves every single part of your muscle in your body and your core in particular gets a rigorous workout every time you train. You would have burned 1,000 calories for every hour you spent training in a class!

  1. Learn effective and practical self-defense

Martial arts used in combat sports focuses on effective striking, clinching, takedown and grappling techniques. Students are able to practice proper techniques in a controlled manner. This helps to improve great reactions and reflexes over a period of time. Some of the best fighters in Muay Thai and MMA history like George St Pierre and Saenchai are proof of how effective martial arts used in combat sports are.

  1. Classes get more interesting through progression

When it comes to martial arts training like Muay Thai, there are literally thousands of Muay Thai techniques. Students are constantly learning new techniques along the way! This keeps things interesting as you will always look forward to learning new things.

Students will be shown a few techniques which they will drill over and over during class. Constant repetition carries conviction. This allows you to have a solid understanding of the technique while not being overwhelmed with too many techniques.

  1. Improve physical and mental health

Martial arts is a good channel that allows you to vent your frustration in a positive manner and reduces your stress levels. You’ll get to punch, kick, knee, elbow all your stress away in a safe and controlled environment.

Practising martial arts can help you master your mind and body. Studies have shown how martial arts tremendously reduces stress, improves emotional stability, increases confidence and develops mental strength. Your body will release a healthy amount of endorphins that help you feel stronger, fitter and healthier each and every day! Healthy mind, healthy body.

  1. Meet new friends

You will meet people from all walks of life when you train martial arts. Due to the highly interactive nature of training, students get to bond during classes. Many of these people eventually become lifelong friends. There will be many days to come where you will be eager to catch up with your training partners as you are to train.


  1. Train at your own pace

Depending on your experience and fitness level, you should always train progressively to prevent burnout. Training is not always about high intensity. Martial arts teaches us to be more mindful of our bodies. There are times to go hard, and there are times to go light. Consistency is more important in the long run, martial arts is a lifelong journey.

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